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Unidirectional of weft

Unidirectional of warp

      The unidirectional fabric is a fiberglass fabric, which uses the roving just on the warp or the weft, stitched with the polyester yarn.
Products character:
      (1) The roving and yarn are arrayed unbend and parallel, which can let the fiberglass completely exert among the composite materials, and we can get the purpose of reducing the waste of materials and the costs. The warp and weft of the ordinary fabric with wavilness, it just offers about 50 percent of mechanics performance.
      (2) Improve the tire resistance and the limit of damnify of the composite materials, thereby improve the usage life and reliability of the materials.
      (3) It is easy to design and weave. We can decide the type of the roving and yarn according to the customer’s requirement, as well as the construction of the fabric.
      Usage: Glass steel hull, the laminae of wind power generator, the reinforcement of the bridge, glass steel pipe, pultrusion process and so on.
      Specification: The direction of the fiber: 0 degree and 90 degree
      Weight: 230-1200gsm
      Width: 1000mm (Can be cut smaller according to the customer’s requirement)