Texturized fiberglass tape/cloth
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Texturized fiberglass tape/cloth
      Texturized fiberglass tape woven from the texturized yarn, has good insulation and heat resistance, extensively apply to building, waterproof, antiseptic and wrapping up the coil of electrical machinery and electrical apparatus. It is an excellent substitute for asbestos tape.
Thickness: 1.0mm-6.0mm
Width: 20mm-200mm
      Texturized fiberglass cloth is a kind of new type fabric developed on the foundation of cloth in flat one of continuous fiberglass to filter the cloth. Different from the continual fiberglass filter fabric, the weft is composed by completely or partial bulk yarn. Because of the yarn fluffy, strong coating ability and well permeability, it may enhance the filter efficiency, reduces the filtration resistance, also the dust removal efficiency is high, reach above 99.5%, filtration rate in 0.6-0.8 meters/minute.
      This product is mainly used in the high temperature atmosphere dust removal as well as recycles the valuable industry dust and so on. For example: cement, carbon, steel, metallurgy, lime kiln, thermoelectricity generation and burns coal and so on.